Resting In Peace

How do we rest in peace when turmoil surrounds us, around every corner there is strife. The news is bleak and all media sings a song of doom. Some one has taken the lives of many because of their misguided concept of what is right  or wrong, then given up their own life for a unworthy cause.

Our children are being desensitized by the games they play, the music they hear and what they see on a daily basis. No longer do they understand the value of life, that death is final and not a game that you can return to play again. When did such a prize possession as life become such a worthless commodity in the eyes of man.

Why do we so easily take what we are not capable of giving back. The answer is clear to the eye that is seeking truth. The ruler of this world rejoices each time someone becomes so entangled in darkness they can no longer tell truth from error. They become to him cattle ripe for slaughter.

Because they have no defenses against his onslaught they succumb to his deception. He entices them to commit all manner of evil, he is a raging lion seeking to destroy all he can.Where can we find refuge from this great adversary? How do we rest in peace? Many use this term to say farewell to those who have left the stage of life.

A fitting end to their last curtain call, the sleep of death. R.I.P. signifies the end of turmoil, stress, and pain.  No more to be concerned with the cares of this world. However, we are taught by the word of God this is just a temporary slumber. Those who sleep in Jesus the Christ will be awaken at the trumpet blast when he returns, never to sleep again but have eternal life with him.

For some this term means a quiet night of rest awaking rejuvenated to start a new day. The secret to peaceful rest is not where you rest, when you rest,or how you rest but is found in whom you rest in. When we give our lives to the One who redeemed and forgave our transgressions  we no longer fear death.

We know he holds us in the palm of his hands, our slumber will be but a short season before he wakes us from sleep. The problems of the world will no longer have any importance. We will rest peacefully in the arms of a loving Father until the adversary of souls is eliminated from the earth and peace is restored for all time.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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