Last Hope

When was the last time someone said to you”you’re my last hope”because they faced an obstacle and needed your help? To them their circumstances was at a critical stage and their options were exhausted. This was their final cry for relief, you their last option.

Maybe you have found yourself in this position and had to call on someone as your last avenue of hope. These two words have a strong impact on our lives, they denote finality. The situation has gone from bad to worse, your back is against the wall and you have no idea what you should do to resolve the problem.

It’s funny how loosely we use the word HOPE without giving much thought to it’s meaning.  We hope the sun will shine or it will not rain,we hope we will not be late for work or school, we hope we can attend a sports event or concert and there are times we say we hope we can get a good nights rest.

We are all guilty of this but this little word has a far greater value than the trivial way we use it. It is the thread we cling to which connects us to the power source of all creation. It brings comfort knowing we are never fighting our battles alone. It extends beyond our scope of vision to the realm of possibilities.

It partners with faith to solidify the promises of a loving Father to his children. It announces a strong desire for the realization of current or future events. The journey we are traveling on the Earth requires strong cords of hope and faith to keep us from falling off the path into the abyss of darkness.

Jesus is that card of hope, faith in him assures our victory over whatever circumstances we may face. When we call out for help from family and friends they will not always be in a position to assist us. When we go to the Father in the name of the Son; unexpected doors open. We receive what is  needed, when we need it most.

We are told in his love letter to us, his word; we only need ask then trust he will provide. We must remember in this world which is rapidly changing; hate and violence abound,love grows colder with each passing day, unbelief is escalating and selfishness reigns. God’s son, Jesus the Christ is truly our LAST HOPE.

My revelation as I sat by the pool of Grace.


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