View from the Top

He peers through the portals of time to a world formed long ago, it’s grandeur once a delight for the eyes now scarred by trouble and woe. Generation after generation have lost respect for his name, each giving honor to their own claim to fame.

Nature is losing her beauty a faint glimpse of what she was in the beginning remains. The stench of sin floats on the breeze distorting the sweet fragrance the flowers bring. The rain no longer fresh and clean is filled with all manner of things from the pollution created by mans dreams.

Our world is slowly dying as it’s creator watches with his heart crying.The plague of sin is on the rise again and hate is thriving everywhere, it seems that people no longer love but enjoy causing pain and despair. The weak are trodden under foot, justice has taken flight, and those that have want more while others have not.

When will the change in man begin? what will it take for this madness to end? I heard the answer whistling through the trees it won’t be long, I’m coming again. Tell everyone foe or friend the time is winding down and i’m coming again. If they have forgotten my will and my ways,now is the time too seek my face.

Only I can redeem and restore with saving Grace but if they wait until my return it will be too late. Those who have chosen to follow my lead will walk with me into eternity. Those who choose too idly stand by have made their decision and choose to die. In them no light can exist and death to sin is the consequence.

Darkness has taken control of these souls who missed their opportunity to be made whole. When I return a new world I’ll bring where my Father will rule and Love will reign. We will live forever with man and sin shall never rise again.

This was my revelation as I sat by the pool of Grace.



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