The word of God

I heard it said “the word of God doesn’t break and will never die”. However; there are places in the world today where the inspired word of God is not well received. The enemy has blinded the people and distorted the truth of Gods word. Confusion reigns in the minds of those who reject  the truth, for Gods word is the elixir of life.

Yet, God so loved his creation he sent his word in the flesh as a living breathing example of his love and truth. Gods character displayed that all would learn of him as his word lived before them. The word rich in love, compassion,forgiveness,strength and failure for those who turn from it’s principles.

Jesus the Christ, the word made flesh taught these principles as he walked with men. He healed those in pain, comforted those in sorrow, forgave those who had sinned, and feed the hungry. When we open the word of God we are opening a wealth of trans formative power. Power that changes harden hearts,power that opens closed eyes,power that restores and power to defeat the enemy.

When we search its pages we will find the will of the Father for his children. It is our road map to a successful life. He will not force us to read it nor are we forced to accept it’s principles, there is a choice we must make. The way to the Father is through the son. The enemy of the Father reigns on the earth where we reside and will stop at nothing to keep us from learning and sharing the word of God.

He has first hand knowledge of the wonders of God. It was his pride and desire to be God that caused him to be banned from the Heavenly courts. He forgot he too was a created being.He knew the truth of Gods principles and the Harmony in Heaven before his pride cause disharmony . He and all his followers were cast out of Heaven. Lost forever.

Gods inspired word was a gift to man,a weapon against the destroyer. Only when we search the word with our whole heart will we be rewarded with the amazing transforming power of his love found in its pages.The enemy tried to kill it with the death of Christ on the cross.Death was defeated when he rose in 3 days with all power in his hands. The enemy has been defeated, Christ and his word live forever and ever.



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