Losing the battle wining the war

The battle is raging, the casualties are mounting and the cause seems to be lost. It appears the enemy can’t be defeated.We reside in a world that is no longer our home. It’s ruler is a raging Lion with a plan to devour everything in it’s path. His anger toward the Creator of All has caused him to declare war on the creator’s prize possession; Man .

The call went forth for warriors to carry the banner of our God,too light the darkness with the knowledge of his truth. Only through the sharing of his love and sacrifice can the enemy be defeated. As his soldiers we must not be deterred by those who leave the battlefield. Everyone will not we willing to give all they have to the battle.

Some will grow weak being overcome with the pleasure the world offers. Some will be overcome with fear and leave the fight. When we join the army of God we must be prepared to stand strong until the end of the war. We will sometimes lose the battle in order to win the war, but we must never stop fighting.

The enemy has surrounded us with a smoke screen for he knows he is a defeated foe.His objective is to cause as many as he can to lose hope and faith in their general, Jesus the Christ. In Jesus we have the strength to stand against the siege of the enemy. We are fortified by his Holy word and guided by his Holy spirit.

Each day we must put on our battle gear, pray for guidance, and go forth vigilant; watching for the traps of the enemy. Know that the enemy will not give up the fight to capture your allegiance. He will use every method he can to deceive you, distract you and defeat you. We must keep our minds stayed on Jesus and he will keep us from the hour of temptation.

He knows that we may fall prey to the enemy, but he can reclaim us from his grasp, clean us up and restore us to our station in his army. We must trust that the general knows the best way to win the war, we are to be willing to fight the battles. We may be called to be a casualty, remember our general gave his life for us that we would be reconciled to his Father without sin.

When we enlisted in his army and gave him control of our lives,he became our protector, provider,and redeemer. Should we fall in battle as he was resurrected to life so shall we be resurrected to life and clothe in his robe of righteousness. The war is won, it was won by the blood stained cross of Calvary; but the fight for souls continues.


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