The way has been made

When one embarks on a journey they carefully plan how they will travel,what they will take with them, when they will leave and most important how much it will cost to make the trip. The direction of travel is also important depending on what the final destination is to be.

All along the road you see mile markers,speed limit signs, and information to replenish the things you may need during the journey such as food, temporary shelter, and rest stops.The trip could be short or it may be long requiring many delays before arriving safely at your determined destination.

There will be rough roads, falling rocks, detours, switched signs, and blockages. Somethings are unpredictable and hard to avoid. From time to time life will throw you curve balls. Nothing seems to go the way you have planned. Navigating the way becomes toilsome.

Doubts begin to form in your mind, confusion tries to ensnare you and blur your decisions. You question if you have made the right choice, fret not; you are under attack. The enemy wants to consume your thoughts, keep you off guard and distract your vision. His goal is to keep you from realizing the way is already made.

Your Heavenly Father has removed all road blocks, covered the cracks in the road and paved them to a perfect finish. You may not see the finished product but you can be sure the Father’s ways are better than ours. He is meticulous even in the tiny details of your life. He hears the song of our hearts, he knows all our dreams and desires.

He desires his children to trust and believe he has already heard and answered our prayers before they leave our lips. Sometimes we will see instant results and sometimes we must wait. As we wait we must not lose hope or allow the enemy to distract us but we must stand firm in our faith knowing the way has already been made. Everything will work out for our good according to the Fathers will for us.




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