Busy Hands

Man is a very unique creation, the example of intricate design. He was created in the image of his creator and was perfect in the beginning. Perfect hands reached into the dust and formed what would become his caretaker, companion, and child. He named him Adam.

They communed together in a beautiful unblemished garden home,watching his creation care for the garden and all the other creatures the creator realized Adam was alone. Once again he began the work of creating, he put Adam into a deep sleep.

Removing a rib from his side he enclosed it in flesh and presented to Adam his help mate. Being that she was taken from man she was called woman. Her name was Eve. Man’s perfection was marred by his disobedience.

Everything changed, they were evicted from the garden paradise they had inhabited. Though his children had disappointed their father his hands made them clothing for a covering.For his punishment Adam was required to work .

So it began, by his hands and the sweat of his brow he would provide and care for his family. The ground was cursed and only by his toil would it produce for him. He had to have busy hands .

As our creator used his hands to create man, to heal,comfort, to cover and protect so are our hands to work for the good of others. Hands that wipe away tears, hands that carry the weak,hands that feed the hungry, hands that shelter the homeless,hands that clothe the needy, hands the comfort the hurting and the sick .

We are an extension of the Creators hands……BUSY HANDS.


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