in loving arms

Her faint cry was heard even though a short distance separated them. Her little eyes remained shut as she squirmed in her bed.Her little feet slightly protruded from the blanket that covered her. The sunshine peeking through the window cast shadows against the wall of the animals dangling from the mobile hanging above her head.

As you lifted her the sunlight touched her little face, her eyes opened to your smile. The journey of hearts intertwined  began the moment you first saw her little face, the pain of her delivery was forgotten and joy filled every fiber of your being. As if life was preparing you for the journey flashes of the past flooded your mind.

All the wisdom of the mothers before you saturated your thoughts. Your mother being your greatest example of a mothers love. Love that is unconditional, self sacrificing, forgiving,generous, and ever lasting. Her touch gentle, yet; strong. Hands that worked continuously to improve your life, comfort you, and wipe away tears.

Now your time has come to step into the role of a mother. Gazing lovingly on this little princess cradled in your arms causes your heart to smile. She will rest peacefully in your loving arms as you rest in the loving arms of a loving Father. In him is strength to lead as well as follow. In him all things are possible. In him is parenting successful.

In him there  is peace during turmoil and as you lean on him your patience will bloom, love will grow, and your character will become as his. Your journey will not be carefree, life is filled with trials. Your Father will never leave you alone to fight the battles. you can rest assured he will hold you in his loving arms because you are his child.

His love will cradle you just as you cradle your bundle of joy, in loving arms. His love will cover you because he created you to be the center of his joy and spend eternity with him.


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