Do we receive rewards according to our actions? Before we act do we consider the consequences of our actions? Do we realize the power behind the words spoken in anger or the rage that causes one to strike out against another. Who do we give control too when we are not in control?

Who do we hurt the most when we lose control? It may be our parents, children,siblings,or spouses. Most of the time it is those we profess too Love. Most of the time we justify our actions to ourselves there by feeling no quilt or remorse for the harm we have inflicted  on someone else.

What if the shoe was on the other foot, how would you react to being treated as you have treated others?  The word of God teaches; we will be judged by the same standard we have used to judge others, what we have sown is also what we shall reap, and when we are not displaying the character of the Father we are displaying the character of the evil one.

Hold on, do you mean if we are not following one we automatically follow the other? There are two forces in this world, one is good the other evil. We must choose which one governs our heart. This is the struggle within man, to make the right choice. All of our actions will be governed by who we choose to serve.

We must realize when we give our control to anger, rage, violence, hate, indifference, pride , unforgiveness, or envy we have made the choice to serve the evil one.  We will be deserving of our reward which shall be destruction. God has promised that all sinners will be removed from the earth when he returns.

When the ruler of the universe controls our hearts we will have instructions for successful living through the Holy Spirit. Our consideration will be for all creatures, our actions responsible and we will accept when we are hurtful to others and seek forgiveness. We will display kindness, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, self control, and love for all.

God has promised us that even when we make the wrong decision he will forgive us when we call on him and repent for our actions.We will not be treated as we deserve but our reward will be life in abundance and eternity with him. By choosing to give our hearts to him we make the right choice.

We have been warned, the word of God tells us that those who choose to serve the evil one will share in his judgement and destruction. We will be deserving of and will receive eternal DEATH.


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