The empty tomb

Clouds of darkness filled the sky, no sunlight could be seen on that dreadful day at Calvary when my Lord was slain. It seemed all hope was lost no help to be found as his lifeless body was stretched upon the ground.

2000 years or more have past since that awful day, but the story of his sacrifice has changed every generation since that time. A love so strong for all mankind he came and gladly gave his life. His enemies celebrated the threat they feared was gone, little did they know their problems had just begun.

His followers were feeling lost and alone, uncertain for the future with no place to call home.Their beloved leader was lying in a tomb and all their hearts were filled with gloom. As I sit thinking about the sacrifice he made, i’m so grateful to know he rose from the grave. For 3 days the darkness held him still, after which he rose from death.

Now he lives. It is because his tomb is empty I have been redeemed, his love has filled my heart with a joyous melody. His presence erases all my fears I know I am not alone. He walks with me through test and trials that I may overcome. He introduced me to his Father who called me his own,explaining I was purchased by the blood of his son.

The sin in my life was washed away the day he rose from the grave. He gave me a new book of life without stained pages , clean and white. The opportunity to start anew he also offers to you. Come to the fount of endless love and bathe in his grace, you too can start life anew because of the empty tomb.


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