One Moment In Time

If you could reclaim one moment in time what would that moment be?We know there is no permanence in this world, change is inevitable. Transformation occurs in all created things; in nature, the animal kingdom and in all human kind.

Time waits for no one it moves at a steady pace. We often fail to realize the importance of the moments of time we are graced with. The opportunities we fail to capitalize on become time lost and is gone forever. Words unspoken lost, memories waiting to be made lost, and love not shared lost.

Procrastination , a tool of the enemy causes us to idly  away our days believing we can reclaim the time lost in idleness.Time is a precious commodity and should not be taken for granted. The giver of time expects us to use the gift with wisdom, produce positive change, and impact our environment in a loving way.

Time doesn’t guarantee tomorrow which makes today so very important.Time stood still on Calvary’s hill as the creator of time gave his life for a lost world. The darkness covered the sky in the midst of the day, silence fell on creation as the creator gave his last breath.

So many years have passed since that dreadful day, mankind has strayed so far from the story of loves sacrifice. The thief of time has confused our minds with the games he plays. Our time is running out, we don’t know how much we may have left. Each of us will cross the threshold when time will be no more.

Take hold of the hand that holds time and walk along side of him. He will lead and guide you through each moment of time, his love in you  will leave little droplets of love all along the way.  The thief of time is defeated no longer will he have power over you.The master of time is holding your hand and he will never leave you.

When your time is no more and you say farewell to the world you know, the master of time stands ready to welcome you into eternity’s Door.


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