The corridor of time

Man is born,man dies but in between these two events he walks the corridor of time. The journey is not guaranteed to be one of longevity. Each one is born with a spark of God inside, it is nurtured by those assigned to be our guides. As seeds are planted in the soil of life the growth begins to take flight.

Everything that is seen and heard makes an impression on our world.Where there is love, love will grow but we must remember life is not meant to be a bed of roses. We travel life’s roads from day to day through a maze of decisions along the way. We encounter cross roads, u-turns, one ways up and one ways down, blocked roads as well as dead ends.

There  are situations that cause time consuming delays in making the choice, we tend to think we have all the time in the world to decide. Each span of time is fleeting and once gone cannot be reclaimed. Time is relative I’ve heard people say as they let precious moments slip away. Today we are hear but tomorrow we could be gone; we don’t control the tune we just sing the song.

The choices we make determine how long our performance last, if it will be remembered or become a thing of the past. There is a quiet melody that whispers to our hearts a song of eternal joy where time has no ending if we make the right choice. Don’t delay to choose it is important to choose today. Tomorrow is not promised, tomorrow may be too late.

You may have gotten side tracked or lost sight of the road, the spark of God within will always lead too home. Beware there is danger we cannot control, the thief of time will be stationed at different junctions on the road. He has a melody he sings to confound and destroy the soul, it is rich with worldly goods you can have but cannot hold. The goal is to chain  you to the collector of lost souls.

He has little time left to weave his magic spells, the end there of is death and hell. Time is winding down each one must make a choice, the corridor of time is getting short. Remember you are here today, tomorrow you may be gone. Make your decision and don’t wait too long.


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