Honor or Disgrace

Imagine the joy when your favorite sports team wins the big prize, the super bowl or the world series.  The player that contributes the most to the win is deemed the most valuable player. He or she receives  accolades, prizes, and monetary gain.

You overcome all the huddles and complexities of that big deal you are trying to land, finally success; it is accomplished. Your boss is so grateful he gives you a raise, promotion, and that corner office you have long awaited.

The theater has been your life work, but you have not had your body of work recognized to your satisfaction. Now you have the role that will garner you the recognition and honor you believe you deserve.

The accolades, rewards, prizes and even the money received  through your efforts are all conditional and temporary. The world that gave these rewards can easily retract them when you loose it’s favor.

you may have had an illustrious career in the sports arena, the business world or in entertainment. Whatever the arena of your success in this world you are under a hard task master. The ruler of this world enslaves with the enticements of honor, power, fortune and fame.

Once he has totally seduced you into moral decay he uncovers you before the world. Your character is shattered, you stand naked before those who at one time sang  praises of your accomplishments; but now you wear the badge of disgrace.

The word of God has given us the secret of success which will have longevity in this world. When we seek him first, give him complete control of our lives and trust his promises our success will be sure.

All good and perfect gifts come from above, he loved us so much he sent his son to defeat the ruler of this world by his blood sacrifice on our behalf.  He alone has the keys to the chains that bind us to the things of this world.

He alone can cover our nakedness and remove our disgrace with his righteousness then present us faultless before his father.His requirements lead to glory everlasting and are not grievous to bear.

Reverence Father God above all things, make for yourselves no idols , Honor your mother & father that your days may be long on the earth , Love others as you love yourself and Forgive as your have been forgiven.

He encased his love for us in his laws for life. We show our love for him by keeping those laws. He knows our frame that we are but dust and prone to weakness but fret not if you are overcome by temptation.

His door is always open to us. He will forgive us when we ask of him and turn from our sinful ways. When we totally surrender to him he will honor us with joy, peace, and everlasting life.


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