ready set go

Unexpected, something has happened that surprised you. We are seldom ready for surprises, they interrupt  our plans. Suddenly we must make new plans, change our direction and sometimes discard items we have held onto.

Every move requires accessing what is of value and must be kept, every move requires careful preparation for the transition and many times lots of help. Unfortunately with transition there may be stress. Reluctance and questions about the unknown are caused when we are unwilling to accept change is necessary.

We are not in control of the circumstances that caused this necessity, but we can control the final out come with our attitude concerning the changes. Our minds are flooded with questions; how can I afford this? who will help me? will this make me happy and comfortable?.

Wait, you have forgotten who you are and who your Father is. You have a promise that all things work out for your good. When we have given our will to the Father of light we are not to fear the things that come upon us. Whatever the enemy means for our demise Our Father will turn around for our good.

Though unexpected circumstances come remember who is in control of your life, the promises he has given you, and get ready, get set, and go knowing he is leading. Release any weight that will hider your movement. Rejoice and follow his leading with gladness recognizing your blessings are waiting at the end of the journey.


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