whispers of love

It is the little things that trip us up. We think we can handle them so we fail to pray or ask direction in handling them. No matter how small or large the concern, God wants a front row seat in the theater of our lives. The dreams he has placed in our hearts will not come to their fullest potential with out his hand at the helm leading the journey.

With each choice we face he  whispers the right direction in our ears but he leaves the decision to follow in our hands. The path we take will lead us too accomplishment or detour. He will never override our decision even when he knows the choice we have made is not the right one to choose. He waits patiently for us to return control of the journey back into his hands.

With each wrong choice we take control of the helm which usually leads us into troubled waters. By our actions we tell him he is no longer needed, we know the way to go.  It is only when we see icebergs ahead we realize we are way off course and cry out for his help. He sends a gentle breeze, the current changes and we drift to safe harbor. He welcomes  us with open arms,restores us and plots a new course.

Knowing we are head strong this will not be his only rescue, yet; he does not abandon us and will throw out the life line each time we call out to him. We prolong our journey by our choices. When we are in control we are sure to encounter disaster but with God at the helm the waters of life may be choppy but the sailing will be smooth.His love whispering to our souls will guide us safely to our destiny.

He is the anchor on which we can stand secure in his love for us. Take hold of his hand,never let it go. allow him only to be the captain of our lives.


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