after the storm

Ever notice how fresh the air smells after the storm, the trees seem to stand taller and the grass appears greener.  The sun shines brighter while fluffy white clouds dance across a blue sky. The storm winds brake away the bruised and broken limbs, dead leaves are gathered and the rain washes them away. Nature is renewed.

Every storm in the life of man is meant to bring regeneration and renewal. Cleansing of the character takes place with each storm, the process will continue until the character of Christ is revealed in each of his children.  As the sculptor chips away at the stone until the image of a master piece emerges, the filth of sin is removed as we repent and turn away from each sin that holds us captive.

The lying will stop, anger will flee, no gossip will pass your lips, your body will be cherished as the temple of the Holy Spirit and you will put all idols away from you. The Fathers loving hands will gently mold and shape you into the masterpiece he planned you to be when he whispered your name into existence. You were a perfect thought in his heart before sin separated you from him.

After each storm you are carried through his light shines into the darkness of your life. As the image is reflected by the mirror, your heart reveals the sin hidden within that you may confess it and be forgiven. You will be strengthen in your faith and prepared to withstand the storms to come. Your total submission to the sculpting of your life by the Holy Spirit will yield the perfect character of the Holy Only begotten son of God, who came to save the lost sheep and restore them to the fold of the shepard.


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