When it rains, it pours

Often when we make the decision to change our lives, to do what we know is right ; we meet with turbulence.  First little drops of rain begin to fall, nothing major just inconveniences that seem to cause discomfort. It maybe our children making bad decisions, our family or friends needing help with their problems, it could be finances. We all experience shortages in our monetary funds from time to time.

These are issues that can cause us small amounts of stress. Thunder can be heard in a distance and we know a storm is approaching. The rain begins to pour, you realize you are in for a battle. You try to prepare yourself but how do you prepare for the unknown? The storms that cause major stress in our lives surface in many ways. Death of a loved one is a shock to the system sometimes causing despondency or depression.

A visit to the doctor for a routine check up just to hear “it’s cancer”. Suddenly you find yourself walking in a fog filled with questions. What can I do now? will I die? how long do I have? how will this affect my family? they consume your thoughts and become your primary focus. The clouds of life become so dark you want to give up, you can’t see how you can survive the onslaught you are facing.

It seems your entire world is falling apart around you. 25 years you gave  of your time and efforts to that job, of all people you can’t believe they would fire you; but they did. It was suppose to be your dream home, you raise your children under it’s roof. On summer days your grandchildren played on it’s lawns. Now it is gone and you are forced to move on with only memories.

Will the rain ever stop falling? When you made the choice to change your life, the enemy declared war. He wants you to self destruct, feel helpless, give up and stop fighting against him. No matter how hopeless the battle seems you must have faith that you can win. The battle is really not yours, it is between the Redeemer and the adversary. You are just a pawn in the conflict. Jesus the Christ is your champion, he is your umbrella protecting you from the storm.

Whatever you my lose in the storm of material value does not compare to the eternal gift he is willing to give to all who trust in him. When you choose to serve him,make him first in your life you can stand on his promises. You will be given everything you need in this life and in the life to come. Dwell not on fleeting material joys of this world but hold fast to the hope of eternal joy with a loving Savior.  He will carry you through the storm.


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