Yesterday is gone; tomorrow is not promised,we only have today. Only today can we begin a new direction that can last a lifetime. Change begins by just taking one step, shaking one hand or drying one someones tears. Little ripples turn into big rivers. It is not always the huge things we do in life that make the most impact but the small glimpses of love that come from a sincere heart.

We are all capable of making a difference in our world, our neighborhoods, our families and in whatever circumstance we might find ourselves involved. Each day of life is another opportunity to improve our environment,correct what is wrong, pursue what is just, find our purpose and extend our hand in assistance to those in need.

We walk not alone but are joined together in humanity. We all laugh, we all cry,we all hurt, we all bleed the same and we all face death. This is all part of life, it doesn’t change because we are different in complexion or heritage, wither rich or poor ,  prominent or unknown. We all share this commonality . The time is now for those who make hate their place of abode to change their address.

The time is now for those who govern to exercise justice. The time is now for those that have bounty to share with the less fortunate. The time is now for change.  Without change destruction for all will come. Hatred will consume everything in it’s path. We must nurture the seeds of love until they bloom into strong trees of hope. Hope that shatters the darkness of hate with it’s brilliance.

It is every mans duty to strive for peace cultivated in the soil of love. Soil rich from the blood of sacrifice. Blood that covers a multitude of faults. Blood that flows freely for all willing to bath in it’s cleansing power. Blood that removes selfishness, washes away hate, and allows the seeds of transforming  love to take root and grow.

Grow into a beacon of light that will transform the world. Light that elevates the down trodden, light that reaches from shore to shore, light that is inclusive and not divisive, light that looks beyond the exterior of man to see the essence of his worth and character.


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