solution or problem

“We the people” is the introit of a document which was meant to form a nation free of prejudice and persecution. A nation established to give people the opportunity to aspire to be all they were capable of becoming. The founding fathers fleeing persecution desired a nation greater than the sum of it’s parts.

A nation that would honor mans right to choose. A nation in which all men would be treated the same. “We the people” have strayed so far from the moral values on which the nation was formed under God. The once persecuted became the persecutors. Greed controlled the hearts of men, power their greatest desire. On the backs of other men they climb to their highest heights.

The years pass quickly while little changes, the brutality once done in the light of day now hides itself under the cloak of justice. Those who are chosen to lead on behalf of the people turn their heads to the peoples pain. The streets run red with the blood of the slain, our children die sitting at their school desk, hate has removed its mask that all may see its face and those with the power to make a change cry “shame, shame, shame.”

“We the people” have been asleep too long, it is time to awake and right the wrong. Time to ask God to heal the land, that peace of heart can dwell with every man. Time to break the yoke of the powers that be who cast aside whats good for you and me. “We the people” gave them the power to rule the land and we have the power to remove it from their hands. They have failed to recognize the need of the common man.

Hate  has assassinated  over time those who worked for the good of all mankind. “We the people ” it is time to decide, no longer can you stand on the sideline. Good people die while good people stand by. Yet, we claim to be children of God. The question is who is your God? Is his name power,greed,domination and destruction. Is his name love ,peace, understanding ,  and forgiveness.

“We the people” must choose, will we be counted as part of the solution or part of the problem. It is time to speak, time to heal, and time to stand in unity. Only when we stand  together can we become “We the people”


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