A word of hope at Christmas

The mind of man can’t comprehend the beauty of the world at creation. Beauty personified beyond imagination. When God rested from his creative work he announced “it was good”.  Since the beginning mans choices have changed the complexion of creation. It’s original state marred by mans sins.

Sin that separated the creation from its creator. The penalty of death was pronounced on a sinful world, a penalty all mankind should pay. A world destined for destruction was rescued by love,”for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that through him the world might be saved.” Love paid the penalty of death that we might live  sin free.

God clothe himself in humanity and came to a world of sin to reclaim the lost as a babe. He walked the earth as a man touching the sick, teaching the word and raising the dead to life. Love flowed from him to all who would accept it. He was the good Shepard, the world his pasture and the people his sheep.

To the Shepard the sheep are important. For them he willingly lay down his life.  Against the back drop of Jerusalem on a hill called Calvary stood the blood stained cross of the good Shepard. The judgement was justified, the death penalty satisfied and man set free. That was over 2000 years ago and it seems we have forgotten the sacrifice on Calvary’s hill, the story of a special child and how it all began.

Violence consumes our world, hate grows stronger with each passing day and the value of life has been thrown away. Greed , indifference, and selfishness control the heart. The question is asked “is love truly lost?” The answer is “no”, there is hope. One hand touches another, one heart reaches out, one voice says forgive me, and one voice sings I love you aloud.

The light of Christ still shines bright. It’s light transforming the dark of night. The battles is not over it has just begun to win the souls of the wayward ones. He’s coming again  of that you can be sure, he can’t lie and he said he would.  Coming to claim his very own and return to his heavenly home. Sin eradicated the enemy gone, the world regenerated to the beauty that was once its own.


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