What have you done for me

The sun had set, the moon shown radiantly against a star sprinkled sky. The wind swiftly blowing chilled the night air. Silence covered the earth like a blanket, it would appear the world was at peace and all was well. Yet, in the darkness of a alley between two buildings sit a hopeless child with a needle hanging from his arm.

His world so bleak,his heart filled with sorrow,no one who cared, no place to belong and no one to love him. Now, his life slowly slipping away from him. Under the amber street light stood a woman or was she a girl? The stress of life adorned her face, her lips red with the stain of passion untamed and her eyes cold and lifeless.

What was her story? why was she here? who stole her joy and caused her dis-pare? It was evident from her appearance she had lost all hope. The room was filled with laughter and music, in the corner of the room two people holding hands.  As they looked in each others eyes they both pondered their separation, knowing they would have to return to their own partners. They shared a lustful secret.

The darkness is consuming the lost,lonely, forsaken and the ignorant. They are bound by the evil one. Where is their escape? who will help them? where are you light bearers? They too are my children though they have lost their way. You are their way home, you can shine the light into the darkness. You can tell them of my love, forgiveness and grace.

I will love them through you, light bearer. Open your arms to receive them, open your heart to receive them and open your eyes that you may see them. You will be my hands and feet. You will feed the hungry, clothe the needy, shelter the homeless and through you I will free them from their bondage. Your light will penetrate their darkness with it’s power to dispel ignorance, give joy,bring hope, and lead my children home again.

I have delivered you from darkness that you can show others the way to my glorious light of love. Are you sleeping light bearer as your sisters and brothers are perishing? What have you done for me? Have you loved those deemed unlovable, have you given of your self to any of my lost sheep. Do you realize now is not the time for slumber, awake and shine forth.

The battle is raging, the enemy is attacking. You have the power to defeat him if you but let your light shine. I have feed you with my word, I have clothe you with my protection and I have covered you with my blood. You are ready for warfare, stand and shine brightly. I have called you to be a light bearer.


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