Who are you like?

When a child is born the family gathers to greet the new arrival. Some say he or she looks just like it’s  mother while others say it looks like it’s father, then there are those who say some other relative in the family linage.

As the child grows the features become more pronounced. Eyes, nose,mouth,ears and even hands have distinctive characteristics familiar to the family linage. Those traits can be identified by all who know the family as being part of that family.

So it is with the family of God, there are many sons and daughters in this family. They are his children. They may not all look the same,speak the same language, or live together in the same place.  As they grow in his shadow the characteristics of the Father shine forth in the children.

Though they may be different they all love as the Father loves, they are compassionate as the Father is compassionate, they are forgiving as the Father is forgiving, they hate sin as the Father hates sin but they love the sinner as the Father loves the sinner.

Unfortunately, the heart of the Father is broken. He has children who have left home on journeys that have taken them away from him into dark territory. They have lost their way, they feel that the Father will not receive them back. Not realizing the Father is seeking them with love that is unconditional.

The Father stands ready to welcome them with open arms if they would reach out for his hand.  As sisters and Brothers we must assure our lost brothers and sisters of the love of the Father that is waiting for them to return home. Tarry not if you have lost your way and want to return home.

The darkness may have dimmed the light of the Father in you but you can recognize the light shining brilliantly from any of your brothers and sisters to lead you back to the love of the Father.  The Father’s heart aches for his children who are lost on the path that leads them far from safe harbor.

Only under his shadow is there protection from the destroyer, so his voice cries out into the dark waters of life to his children. “come home, come home” to all who will listen.



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