Prayed up

What did I say? These words are spoken by everyone at one time or another. In one context it is a question, in another it is an instruction. The assigned task has not been completed, it remains undone. You have failed the responsibility entrusted to you. You were distracted from your course of action resulting in defeat.

How do you stay the course and avoid defeat? How do you rise above the obstacles and avoid distractions? There is only one way to obtain victory. Before each battle we must prepare for war. Preparation is key for victory. Our preparation begins by constant communication with the Supreme commander.

You must immerse yourself in his word, open your heart to understand, lift your voice in praise and humble yourself in prayer. There is no victory that will come by your human effort. You must admit without the aide of the Divine One you will fail. He is the unseen presence that guides your path and protects from unseen danger.

Prayer from a sincere repentant heart calls him to action. When trouble surrounds you he will lift up a standard to give you victory over whatever comes up against you. He will give you clear vision to recognize the deceiver and all his distractions.  You will be endowed with strength to complete your assignment.

Rejoice in this glorious opportunity to meet your redeemer in prayer. The way to the Father was made available too you through the son. Therefore go boldly to the Throne of Grace in prayer  making your request known to the  one who can grant them.  He will hear, he will answer. In him all things become possible in accordance with his will.

Prayer is the key that unlocks the door of God’s heart to the repentant sinner who seeks his forgiveness and grace. Only through him can we have total victory over the enemy. So stay prayed up.


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