The coming of the savior was first told to a virgin girl named Mary by an angel. Joseph while considering not to marry her was told not to worry, his choice was still pure and they could be wed by an angel.  When we turn the pages of the inspired word of God  we find story after story of heavenly messengers coming to mankind. Some to bring revelations, some to aid, and some to defend but all of them to express the love of the Father for all his children.

No matter who you are, what you have done, or your station in life; he has created us to be who we are.  We are destined to be reunited with him when we choose to believe in his son.  Jesus the Christ was manifested to reunite the creation with it’s creator.His birth was heralded by the angelic host  to give man the message of hope, salvation from sin had arrived.

To some of us this is an abstract idea, however; we have angels among us. When you find your table & pantry bare there’s a knock on the door, you open it to your neighbor or even a stranger with the provisions you need. God has sent you and angel. When you just can’t seem to over come the sadness that has you feeling lost and alone, the telephone rings and someone gives you the encouragement to rise above the sadness. God has sent you angel.

When you are sick and someone prays for you and you recover, God has sent you an angel. Each time the heart of man is touched by the light of love and is impressed to help others who have a need they allow Gods love  to shine through them.  They become his earthly angels. They come in all sizes, from all walks of life, and all types of people. At a time when our world is in turmoil, children are starving and our economy is failing; we have the opportunity to reach out to someone.

You may feel you have nothing to give  or that you have so little how can you share.  Remember to those who have nothing a little given in love is much. Sometimes all it takes is a smile or a hug to let them know you care. You may not be able to give pretty gifts tied with a bow. At this special time of the year we can give from the heart a prayer of love. A prayer for the  Father above to allow his Heavenly angels to surround  us with the Love, Joy and Peace of his son Jesus the Christ our redeemer.

Be blessed this Holiday season….pray one for another


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