34 years ago 3 days after Thanksgiving I received the news my mother had made her transition from this life unexpectedly. I must admit I never thought my broken heart could ever be mended or the pain I felt would ever end. Time heals all wounds is what I have heard but it was the love of the Father that erased the pain and replaced it with joy. Each passing year and each new experience allowed me to see her in the light of Gods love for  me.

I remember looking at her hands and they looked worn, I had never given them much thought before however; in them I saw all the years of washing clothes and hanging them outside,all the meals they prepared, all the tears they wiped and every whipping the administered. I didn’t understand the emotion I felt I just knew I was thankful to have her for my mother. My life has been a journey and I see so much of her in my children, her smile and mannerism stands out in them .

She embraced everyone she came in contact with in love. Our door was never closed to anyone who needed and there was no limited to what she would do to help others. I am so thankful to have been nurtured by her radiant spirit. My mirror reflects how much like her I have become. There are not words adequate enough to portray how grateful I am to the Father for giving me to her, seeing her influence in my children, and for the tapestry of love she wove into our family.

Life is so uncertain and we must be thankful for each opportunity we have to share with those we love. There will always be reason to be worried about the circumstances we face in life but we must learn to be thankful even for the trials we encounter. The legacy we leave behind when we transition will speak volumes to everyone who shares our story. It is important how we live and how we love, that is what will be remembered.

Time can not change nor erase the beauty of images interwoven in a tapestry created by love. Its threads will remain strong with the passage of time, its colors brilliant and all who gaze upon it will be amazed by its charm. Be thankful for the story of your life, know that the Father made you special, allow his love to remind you each day to be thankful and never miss the opportunity to tell someone they are loved.


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