Never alone

My day started being thankful just to be alive then I thought about you. I know there are times when we just don’t know what to do, where  we are going, or how we will make it through the day. The month of November begins the holiday season, it seems things hit us harder during this time of the year. It is suppose to be at time of mirth and family gatherings.

That is not the case for many of us. Life has broken our spirits, our hearts are burdened with worry and hopelessness knocks at our door. The clouds of doom seem to fill our sky and the sun is hidden from our view. We think to ourselves things can’t get any worse, yet; they do. Something unexpected happens. You feel lost on an island floating in a sea all alone.

I’m sending you this little love note to let you know three little words hold the key that will help you through this season. The first is Faith. We must believe there is a purpose for our lives, that in some way what we do affects someone else, that we have the power to bring a positive result into our lives and anything we truly believe is possible.

The second  key is Hope. Behind the darkest of clouds hides the sunshine, after every  rain storm there is a rainbow and for every trial we have in our lives there is an end.We must remember we have a creator who’s love,understanding & forgiveness is unlimited and we are never alone. In him all we need can be found no matter how unworthy we may think we are.

The last key is Joy. It would seem in this season of giving and receiving joy would be abounding everywhere you look, but for some the warmth that joy brings to ones life is missing. Missing because they can’t provide the basic needs for their families,some have lost loved ones and the memories are still painful, and some suffer from broken hearts.

When we are in the midst of our pain it is hard to realize there is someone who may be experiencing a greater pain then ours. These are the little ones we must seek out, when we endeavor to help others our problems seem to dissipate and we find joy we didn’t recognize we had. A bright smile, cheerful hello, a hug, a encouraging word and the sharing of a meal.

Sharing the little joy you have with others not only brightens their world but increases the joy in your own.Love is infectious it spreads from each life it touches to another life. When we open up to the influence of love we recognize each life is entwined in one continuous chain called humanity and we are never alone.


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