The Refiners touch

At first glance it appeared to be a pile of junk. Further investigation revealed a wooden worn dirty writing desk. It was so heavily soiled it’s beauty could not be seen. Scared by time and use it had been discarded as no longer useful. Each scar I am sure told a different story of better times.

Underneath all the rubbish was a jewel waiting to be uncovered. Being compelled I removed the desk from the pile, loaded it on my truck, and headed to my work shop. The layers of dirt spoke a tale of much neglect and abandonment. It needed a gentle touch.

As I prepared water for cleaning I knew it had to be hot enough to remove the years of neglect but not to blister or further damage what needed to be restored.  So it is with the life of man, wrong choices cover us in the mud and filth of the destroyer.

He disguises his traps so well we fail to recognize we are entrapped. We need someone to love us enough to set us free. We too need a gentle touch.  Each layer of dirt removed reveals a glimpse of life. After the cleaning, a process to restore begins.

We must first determine what is needed. Sanding may be required to smooth out the bumps and bruises, a new coat of stain and buffing to bring out the hidden beauty of the wood. So it is with the life of man, Jesus cleanses us with his blood to remove the mud and filth from our lives.

His love smooths out the hurts, insecurities and misunderstandings of life. We are emptied of all negative impulses and recharged with compassion,joy,kindness and forgiveness. That once discarded as useless writing desk now stands before you renewed, a thing of great beauty.

So it is with the life of man, the trials and test of life experiences is the refining fire. If we choose to walk with our redeemer we will come through the fire and stand before him as a new creation ready for his use. A thing of great beauty.


One thought on “The Refiners touch

  1. There was a quote that said, “You can’t handle the truth” In order for God to take us through this process we must be willing to submitt to those things of ourselves we’re not ready to concede too. Great insight to this end. Hat’s off to the writer!


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