Traveling lite

When you prepare for a trip what do you carry with you? Does it depend on the type of trip you are taking? Sometimes it’s for pleasure and sometimes it’s for business but they both require baggage. You will need  to bring whatever will be needed for the success of your journey.  In life we seem to carry our baggage from one relationship to the other.

Many times the baggage is excessive, we hold on to it and allow it to compound until it affects every relationship we become involved in. Each experience will provide us with positive or negative reactions from the choices we make.  The negative feelings we suppress will infect each new relationship we encounter with the  pain we have packed away in our baggage.

We become distrustful,angry,accusatory, violent and unforgiving . We place upon the new relationship the task of healing the hurt from the old wounds we refuse to forgive. Forgiveness empties the bag of the hurt that blocks us from moving forward in love.  In some cases the baggage has been lying dormant for long periods, even from childhood.

We don’t recognize it because it has always been there and we can’t remember what happened to make us feel the way we do. Then a trigger unlocks the door, we relive the pain from the past long buried. It maybe something said, someones actions,something we see or a place that is familiar to us. We are reminded of how hopeless and helpless we may have felt.

Our immediate response  is to lash out, unfortunately; those who love us are usually the ones who experience the wrath of that anger and not the one who caused the pain. This behavior will manifest itself in our relationships until we unpack our baggage. The guilt about the things we couldn’t control, the feelings of being inadequate, hatred,misunderstandings from words spoken,feelings of hopelessness, past hurt and sorrow.

Once we begin to unpack the healing will begin, when we forgive the process will intensify and when we forget we can move forward to a place of love.  The hardest thing we will ever do is to forgive and forget. We will need help to be successful. That help comes from one who’s heart is so full of love that he forgave his enemies as they were crucifying him.

Give him your baggage and allow him to teach you how to refill your bag with joy and love. Let him restructure your journey so you can travel lite. With him nothing is impossible try him and be revitalized.


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