The perfect inheritance

Sometimes life is like playing a game of chess. It is your opponents job to block your progress and keep you from capturing his king or queen while he tries to capture yours. Each game begins with an action. The first act of disobedience for Christians and the adversary begins his attack. He encourages a continuous path of disobedience. Our counter move must be repentance and reconciliation; like Saul on the road to Damascus sometimes it takes the blinding light of Christ to knock us to our knees.

It is then we recognize our need for a Savior whose gentle voice speaking to our hearts stirs them to repentance.  The adversary will immediately throw doubt and guilt into the game. He will preview our wretched lives before us to stay any actions we take toward repentance. We must remember Saul was a “murderer of Christians” before his Damascus road experience. Our counter move must be acceptance by faith. We must accept the gift of forgiveness Christ gave to us by his death on the cross of Calvary

We must believe with every fiber of our being that he has forgiven us and we are on the path to reconciliation. Every opportunity must be used to learn more about Jesus and draw closer to the light of his love. Make no mistake the game will get harder after your last move. Your whole world may turn upside down. The real warfare will begin, any and everything that can be used against you will be used. Your faith will be sorely tested.

Family, friends, and church members there are no exceptions, the adversary will begin a vicious attack against you. He will show you who he really is,”a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy”. Your next move is to stand strong in faith knowing that “greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world”. We must strengthen our faith with the word of God, have no doubt the Jesus loves us, will not leave us and has already won the battle.

The adversary will try to make us believe we can’t win that he has all power and to fight against him is hopeless. He knows the stakes in the game are high with eternal ramifications. If we fall prey to his devises we will miss our promised Perfect Inheritance.  Our adversary knows the inheritance is real and tangible. He walked the golden streets of heaven, he visited the garden of Eden and he stood at the Holy Throne of God.

It was through his pride,selfishness and disobedience he lost his great privilege. His greatest pleasure would be to keep us from receiving Gods gift, our inheritance. Our last and final move is the Blood of Christ which covers a multitude of faults. Jesus is and will always be the answer. It was Jesus and his angels who cast Lucifer from heaven to the earth. It was Jesus who opened the road to reconciliation after our 1st parents were deceived and disobeyed God our father.

It was Jesus who  made it possible for us to go to the Throne of Grace in prayer by the shedding of his blood. By his death and resurrection the battle was won.  We must bury this truth deep in our hearts and hold tight to the hand of Jesus Christ our savior and redeemer. He has promised to us the “PERFECT INHERITANCE” and he is not a man that he should “Lie”.


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