The sun will shine

There has been so much rain in the last few days, the thought came to me as I observed the overcast sky; “after every storm the rainbow appears”. We seem to go along each day not realizing that life is a gift and each day we wake is another day the gift has been given to us. We fail to realize what we do with the gift impacts everything around us.

We never question why we have the gift or where it comes from. Consider this; man is limited in the things he controls. Yet, he lives in an environment filled with things he can’t control.   He has no power over the rising or setting of the sun or moon, the power of nature, the changing of the seasons or what keeps the earth he lives on fastened in it’s place in the universe.

Now consider this, “who is really in control?”.  If we are honest with ourselves we’ll acknowledge someone beyond our human understanding controls the world we inhabit. Just considering this one question should open our minds to the only answer, God Is. We are the jewels in his earthly creation, his love for us is so profound that nothing we do is so bad that he turns his back on us or leaves us too the consequences of our choices when we ask for his help.

No matter what experiences life brings, faith in God  and his son Jesus the Christ is all we need to overcome any adversity. As the rain cleans and revitalizes the earth to bring forth the beauty of spring, when we open our hearts to his love we are cleansed and given new life in him. He gives us an unexplained joy and peace beyond understanding. Then the world we live in will speak loudly to us saying”nothing is impossible for God”.

We only have to accept his gift of love, trust him, and believe he knows what is best for us. Once we have committed to him the sun will shine continuously in our lives, even through the storms.


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