The word of God teaches there is a season for everything in the life of man. A time to be born and a time to die,a time to sow and a time to reap, as well as a time to laugh and a time to cry.Death is never in the fore front of our thoughts. We think about how we are going to pay our bills,feed our families and find employment. We never consider the question ,”are we ready if death should come?.” “are we prepared to stand before our righteous judge?” Who is Jesus the Christ.

We take the time to prepare ourselves for each day of our earthly walk. We prepare for our education,marriage,birth of children, retirement and some of us for death. We know there is a time appointed for all men to die,however; the day and hour of death is in the hands of our creator. In Gods word we have the assurance of eternal life through Christ Jesus.

Eternal life in a world reborn,a world without pain,fear, worry, sorrow or death. God loves us so much that he allowed his son to die that we might have the opportunity to be reborn. To shed the sinful natures we were born with and put on the sinless nature of his son. The decision is ours, we must make a choice. Only through Jesus abiding in our lives, being lead by the Holy spirit will we be prepared to transition from death to life.

Only when we give Christ control of our hearts and minds; allow him to change our character will we be prepared to receive the gift of eternal life he offers us. When we give our lives to him we can rest in the grip of death knowing our slumber is temporary and we will be reborn when our redeemer returns for his children. The time draws near, what will your choice be? Eternal life or Destruction///


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