What angers you

The word tells us to be angry, but sin not. This requires some thought, what happens to us when we allow anger to inhabit our beings?  Do we think rationally, respond logically, see clearly the situation or do we cast everything to the wind and retaliate to whatever action causes the anger.

Anger can be created several ways. Disagreements can lead to anger when one feels their opinion is more important then the other persons. Words falsely spoken can cause anger, a lie can have a very destructive affect on others. Rebellion against authority can cause anger and inflicting pain wither mental or physical can cause anger.

To experience anger is a normal human reaction. However; as Christians we must allow any anger we experience to be filtered by the Holy Spirit. We are admonished to sin not in our state of anger. Only when the Holy Spirit is leading us are we in control of our emotions and not emotionally out of control.

Anger just like love is an emotion and we have the ability to decide how we will allow it to effect or change our behavior.We must be mindful that anger can lead us into  the dark territory of the evil one if we allow it to control us. Uncontrolled anger can lead to uncontrolled violence,  no forgiveness, and self destruction.

We know a soft answer turns away wrath. It is very important we exhibit the character of Christ at all times. The fruit of the spirit should be the determining factor in our response to anger which are love, joy, peace,long-suffering,gentleness,goodness,faith,meekness and temperance. Remembering “whatever a man sow, he shall also reap.”


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