Help/ I need a miracle worker

Have you ever laid in bed with no desire to get up? You feel as if you are on an island alone and nobody understands what you are going through. There are times in our lives when it just seems we are going around and around in the same place not making any progress. We are up to our necks in bills we can’t pay, our children are living their own lives; they only see us when they need us or need something from us.

To top it all off we loose someone dear to us. Loss can come in many ways but  only in death do we feel hopeless. We know that death is a final express of a life. It seems during the Fall and Winter when nature is preparing for her change these feelings are more prevalent. Life slows down, the trees loose their leaves and the earth prepares to rest.

We have more time to contemplate on our lives and what we have accomplished with them. When we allow the worry of life to extinguish the light of love, have allowed selfishness replace kindness, have forgotten to help those who can’t help themselves, and when we fail to see God in even the tiniest of his creations. How can we claim the name Christian.

Cry help,I need a miracle worker. To the foot of the cross we must go, Jesus was and is the healing balm. Only when we go to him can we receive all that we need to sustain us through those times when we loose sight of the road we should be walking as Christians. Only through faith can we over come the winter storms in our lives. Only with his love inside can we put others first.

We are all created in sin and only through the sinless life of Jesus is there deliverance. Jesus is our miracle worker, the gift from a loving Father to his wayward children. Seek his face, open your heart and be Transformed.


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