The visitor

It had been a long day, the body was tired and the mind was consumed with worry. Everything that could go wrong, did. I could do nothing but sit in the darkness and wonder what I had done to deserve what seemed to be endless struggle.

The sun was setting and the last gleam-er of it’s light cast amber shadows against the wall, I should turn on the light I thought but there was no motivation too move. Yet; I no longer wanted to be in the dark. For the first time being in the dark became a reality I had not given much attention.

For the first time I realized my circumstances were the direct result of my choices and for the first time I understood this was the consequence. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks, it shook me to my core. As I tried to regain my composure the silence was shattered by a gentle voice saying “I’m here, I’ve been waiting on you” “if you give me your burden I will carry it for you.”

The sun had fully set, I turned in the direction of the voice trying to adjust my site to the darkness that had now consumed the room. There in the corner stood a quiet figure arms out stretched. Suddenly the peace and joy I felt dispelled the darkness I was engulfed by and in my heart I knew without a doubt, I had just met JESUS

I laid my burdens at his feet, accepted his gift of love and forgiveness. The light was turned on in my soul. I now have a new realization, though I may be surrounded by darkness; the light is always with me because of the visitor.

If you are at your wits end and the problems of life are closing in on you, don’t give up. Open the door to your heart the visitor wants to come in and make you a part of his family.


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