The Witness

The jury was seated, the bailiff shouted all rise. The judge entered the court room, you may be seated; the trial began. A hush fell over the court room as the prosecutor stood to address the court.  PA: your honor this defendant is guilty of the despicable act of “treason”.  All residents of the earth know the law requires all men to honor “The Lords day” on the 1st day of each week. No other day is to be honored.

The attention of all in the court room turned to the defense table. The defendant sitting quietly starring  at the sunlight streaming through the court room window seemed unaffected by the prosecutors statement. His appearance was worry free as the sunlight grasped his face in its beams. Whispers came from all around the court room breaking the silence. JUDGE:call your first witness. PA: I call #305 to the stand.

PA: do you know the defendant? W: Yes; that’s my neighbor. PA: how long have you been neighbors?. W: 5 years. PA: what can you tell me about this defendant? W: they have a shop on the corner of our street. It is open everyday but Saturday. PA: do you mean it is open on “the Lords day”? W: yes. PA: what else can you tell us? W: as long as I have known them at sundown Friday they stop working or doing daily task until sundown Saturday.

PA: do you know why they do this? W: they say this is the day God blessed and the day we should worship him. PA: thank you, I have no further questions. JUDGE: Mr. defense attorney do you have any questions for this witness? D: no your honor. JUDGE: you may step down, call your next witness. PA: the prosecution rest your honor.

JUDGE: is the defense ready? D: yes your honor. JUDGE: call your witness. D: I call the defendant to the stand. You have heard the testimony against you, have you anything to say in your defense? W: yes, I do; I am in love with Jesus the Christ and follow his example. This may not be your test,yet; somewhere in the world there are follows of Christ that give their lives for their faith in him.

When you accept the love of Christ  you are transformed into a new creature. His love in you will shine forth as the noon day sun and all who come in contact with you will know you belong to him. He told us to love as he loved and should we deny him before men he would deny us before his Father in Heaven. We must be grounded in him to stand in the time of testing.

Sure we have trials and temptations which come to strengthen our faith,but we must have the bread of life and the word of life so deeply rooted in our hearts and minds that we are not shaken in our beliefs.  Are you prepared  to stand for him? Are you willing to live for him? Are you willing to give ALL for him?  Will you be counted among the witnesses that tell of his marvelous works, his amazing love, and his saving grace?

The challenge is before you, will you be a witness for him? Will you share with someone how his hands have touched your life and allow his love to shine forth from you as the noon day sun.


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