Is it real? or is it memorex? this was a question asked by a commercial some years ago. Recording with memorex was said to be so true to life you couldn’t tell the difference. Some of us as Christians are reflecting a memorex story in our Christian journey. It doesn’t matter if we worship on the biblical Sabbath of the 4th commandment  the 7th day or the changed Sabbath by the Catholic church the 1st day we are not the true example of Christ’s Teachings.

Some are Formal Christians, they go to church to worship because it is what their family has always done. They get baptized because it is what is expected of them. They join organizations in the church and are dutiful in their commitment , however; their heart is unchanged, their tongue remains sharp and mistakes are not tolerated . Some are copy cat Christians, they do what they see everyone else doing. They are outwardly connected in the eyes of those who see them, but; the life in secret has not changed.

They sit by the pool of life giving water but choose not to drink. Then there are Christians who have in their own eyes attained such spiritual enlightenment they consider themselves to be Holy. They sit in judgement of the faults and mistakes of others, forgetting that some of them are the same mistakes they have made. so easily they forget the only difference is they are forgiven sinners, yet; they have no forgiveness in them. They find it easy to hold you to a higher standard then they hold themselves.

The title Christian means you have chosen to follow the Christ who is Jesus. Therefore you should walk as he walked. He met no stranger, relieved suffering wherever it was found, feed the hungry, comforted the broken, spoke truth at all times, rebuked wrong with love, and loved those who were considered bad as he loved those that were considered good.

He was constantly at work for the salvation of all men. He went where the people abode in darkness to give them the opportunity to choose light. So the question to you is, when you look into the mirror of your life and compare it to the example of the life of Christ; “Is it REAL or is it MEMOREX?”


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