The question is what makes someone think their knowledge is so great it out ways the knowledge of another? Why do they think their opinion on a matter is the only opinion the matters?. They are never wrong  about anything that concerns you but give what you may think about them no consequence or value.  What makes someone justified in taking away the gift given by the Creator from a Creation they did not create?

The question is did human kind create itself in the beginning? from whence came its knowledge? and why are there so many mysteries unexplained? If ones wisdom is so great that he can control everything in his life as well as everything in the lives of those around him, has he not taken the reigns from the control of the ONE who created them BOTH?

What is the basis for this superior thinking? did not Lucifer perceive himself greater than his creator and was cast out of his ex halted position in the Heavenly Courts. What does not come from love comes from evil;love is kind,compassionate, long suffering, forgiving, understanding and respects others as they wish to be respected.

What is not of love is cruel,unjust,dominating, self ex halting, and disrespectful of the right of others to exercise their right to choose. In their eyes others are incapable of making the right decision for themselves  The question is who has appointed them this task? Has knowledge gained made them wiser or wicked? Knowledge without the wisdom of the Creator is unbridled and contaminated by the loveless one. In it is no understanding.

The question is what do you do when faced with  bullies? This is one who usurps the right of others by binding their will to its will through violence or the threat there of. What is their motivation? some try to disguise it as love and concern but there is no love in their actions. Some are empowered by being stronger then those they see as weaker and some have so much anger and self hatred they impose their hurt on whoever they feel they can.

The question was “what do you do?”. You must realize you can not fight against the forces that empowers this behavior, it is greater than you. But there is a Supreme Power that can answer all questions. ONLY he who Created All things can bring BALANCE. He is the giver and sustainer of life, he loves the sinner but hates the sin and ONLY he can remove the pain healing the brokenness in the hearts of mankind.

ONLY he can restore the time the canker worm has eaten,erase the mistakes of the past and regenerate in men NEW LIFE. Seek him while he may be found, then lay your cares at his foot stool. Leave them there, HE is the greatest problem solver.


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