We have been given many wonderful gifts from our Father God,of all the great things he has done for us the greatest gift other than the sacrifice of his son is the gift of choice. We often forget just how powerful choice really is.  We fail to realize with choice comes responsibility and we will be held accountable for the choices we make.

It is so easy to give that responsibility to someone other then ourselves. The devil made me do it, it was his/her fault, if they had not done this I would not have done that, or we just don’t care who gets hurt by our decisions; anyone is to blame but us.

As parents we must choose to do what is right for our children, we will be accountable for every wrong road we allow them to walk without reproof. Sometimes this will not be easy but all things are possible with God. We cannot put friendship with our children above what we know is right.

Guard against the adversary; he will try to use our past against us guilty can be a mighty weapon. We must pray for and with our children constantly. It is so hard for parents to allow their children to suffer the consequences of their choices  but if we shelter them how will they learn what is right in the eyes of God.

We are All his children, we must choose to be lead by his Holy Spirit,yield him our will, ask his guidance in all our decisions, and follow his leading. Our nature is sinful; our hearts will deceive us and allow our emotions to lead us away from what is right before God, our eyes will deceive us and we will not see what God is revealing and our mouths will deceive us saying things that are offensive to the ears of God.

We will account for all that we think,say, or do before a Holy and Just God. The Holy Spirit will not leave us without TRUTH but we must be willing to accept the truth that is revealed to us. The choice is still ours; we must make the ultimate decision.  Make no mistake the adversary,father of all lies will not stop trying to mislead us. He comes to kill,steal and destroy ALL that God loves.

Don’t give him the victory, realize our gift of choice is special. What we do with it has consequences not just for us but for all who love and desire our good. Be watchful for all the pitfalls that will be placed in our path. The bling of the rich,the quest for fame,violence and moral decay. They are intended to destroy “so lean not unto your own understanding but allow God to direct your path”. When we are obedient we show WISDOM.


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