Road Blocks and Detours

We all have heard the saying “life has it’s ups and downs”, as Christians life seems to have more downs than ups. Yet; our faith keeps us rising to the top, sometimes we are faced with a block in the road. It may be a few pebbles or it could be a mountain.

Usually a block in the road will require a detour, Detours can be tricky and the traveler must decide what is the best thing to do. Some detours will lead you straight to your destination. Some will take you far off the path into unforeseen dangers.

How do you choose? we need to remember as Christians the choice is not ours to make, we are to be lead by the Holy Spirit in ALL our decisions. When we fail to pray for direction and make our decision without the Holy Spirit, the door to the enemy’s detour opens wide.

His detour leads us in the wrong direction. We get caught up in hatred,envy,confusion,guilt,anger and sometimes self righteousness. We are fascinated with the riches and glamour of the world and become blind to the TRUTH of Gods word.

Only through the leading of the Holy Spirit can we navigate the uncertain waters of life. There may be mountains on our path but nothing is insurmountable for our God to carry us through. We must pray for strength to jump over the pebbles and to climb the mountains that block our journey.

Only take the detour if being lead by the Holy Spirit, if he brings us to it he will bring us through it.


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