Through your eyes-remembering MAYA

Through your eyes I see the struggle of a people,uprooted from their native soil and transplanted in gravel and sand. By their sweat,tears and blood they transformed the land.  In your face I see the wisdom of time, strength and compassion, your smile illuminates the dark corners of ignorance and intolerance and captivates even the coldest heart.

Your voice trumpets the sound of hope to the hopeless, restores the dreams to those who have forgotten how to dream and renews the spirit giving the will to rise higher and higher. The light of love emanating from your being exemplify s your faith and oneness with the creator and the universe,love that knows no color; that transcends all barriers and penetrates despair.

It is through your vision of the world reborn made new in understanding,respect and togetherness that I spread my wings to fly, to soar beyond my own expectations to reach a greater plateau. Motivated by your determination…I fly. Accepting the foundation you have laid….I fly. Yearning for a greater knowledge of life..I fly. Always remembering my roots…….I FLY


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