When in doubt

We live in a society that is geared toward ownership, the more we possess the more we are perceived as successful.  Everything we purchase comes with instructions on how to operate and maintain for maximum efficiency from household appliances to vehicles.

The instructions are very important to the life of the object, yet; many toss them aside and proceed to use their own ideas of how they should use their item. Unfortunately,this decreases the life expectancy of the product.  It has been said that being a parent dose not come with an instruction book.

While this is considered to be true, mankind was given instructions on how to have a happy, healthy and long existence. These instructions came in the form of TEN rules for peaceful co-existence with creation and each other, rules for maintaining optimum health and longevity, and how to obtain and use resources.

Old habits are hard to brake so we toss the instructions aside and do whatever we think is best for ourselves.We fail to realize how easily we deceive ourselves by thinking we know what is best. The creator of the object knows the best plan for us to maintain the object and receive the best possible results.

Likewise,our creator through his instructions has given us the answer to every dilemma we will encounter during our life time. He has given us specific examples in the lives of others who have used his instructions and prospered and examples of those who did not resulting in destruction.

The creator always knows what is best for his creation but he will not take away the gift of choice he gave.  We must remember whatever the choice there will be consequences, so when in doubt read the instructions……..READ THE BIBLE to know truth for yourself.


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