Short,tall,thin or stout; people are imperfect. Rich or poor,black or white, red,yellow or brown; people are imperfect. However; we all have common traits. Eyes to see,ears to hear,mouth to speak, feet to walk and hands to feel.  In the beginning our fore parents were perfect, the environment was perfect, and choice was given as a perfect gift.

The wrong choice was made and perfection was marred by darkness. One choice changed the world. Hate was born,love diminished and sin infected our lives. Each one must reach one to start the journey back to a state of perfection. We must learn to forgive, think of other as we do ourselves, treat everyone with respect and acknowledge our differences.

Plant the seed of love with a smile, a act of kindness, or a jester of friendship. Reach out a hand to one in need, comfort a broken heart and wipe away someones tears. Each selfless action will lead to a glimmer of light that will penetrate the darkness of hate. It seems so hard to do those things we know are right to do . We can have faith that all the help we need is at our disposal.

The illuminating love of Jesus the Christ is ever ready to dispel the darkness of sin and restore us to his character which is perfect.  When we submit to his leading a cleansing process takes place which removes the stony places in the heart and creates a new beginning in the life that is willing to change. We have the opportunity to choose. What will your choice be?? Will you choose to seek perfection or will you repeat  the mistakes of the past??


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