Like the dew from heaven falls upon the earth,lay gently on my heart. Restore me to the beauty of your love. Elevate my mind, strengthen my hands and guide my feet.  Stay ever before my eyes that I may see the  pit falls in the road I travel. Teach me wisdom and give me understanding to know we are all flawed and only you are perfection.

My days are filled with task to be completed; some for myself, some for my family, and some for those in need of help. There are days when my body is weak and pain is my companion, yet; you sustain me that I can continue my journey. Whisper peace in my ears in time of confusion. Clarity can be found in the sweet sound of your voice.

Allow me to rest in your sweet embrace, cover me with joy as the raindrops fall and the lightening flashes. Keep my mind and heart looking toward your throne of grace and mercy that your love will penetrate any darkness or doubt hiding in the shadows of my life. You alone are my resting place and I REST in peace.


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