The Boat had a hole in it

The last glimmer of sun light reflected off the lake, a cool breeze gently lifted my hair as I sit at the waters edge feet dangling just barely touching the lake. The boat swayed slowly at the dock inviting me to come aboard. Stars appeared in the heavens sparkling like little diamonds. A top the water a big bright moon making the experience a moment to be captured.

Caught up in the magic of the moment I slipped into the boat and headed out to the middle of the lake. Engulfed by night fall I lost site of the shore. As I sit there amazed by the beauty unfolding before me water began to cover my feet,there was a hole in the boat. For the first time I realized I had not checked the boat,didn’t know how far I was from shore nor did I know how deep the lake.

No life jacket, unsure if I could swim to shore and little hope that help was anywhere to be found. The consequences of my choice stared me in the face, I had no safety net. Our lives are bombarded with experiences that seem to be magical moments that need to be captured. The beauty that our eyes become enticed by will draw us too it.

Once we fall prey to the .glamorous traps that gratify our senses we loose site of the connection to our  provider. Self is exalted and light is lost as we become more self absorbed. We are engulfed in darkness, the consequence of our choice stares us in the face and we have discarded our safety net. Yet, we are not hopeless, help stands at the door of our hearts waiting for us to answer the knock and allow light to shine in.


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