RED the color of LOVE

“There is no greater gift , that a man give his life for a friend.” The flag waves as the battle rages, hero’s fall and victories are won. There is no right or wrong when a commitment  is made to serve. The warrior is the keeper of peace, he stands upon the wall.  His sacrifice goes unnoticed sometimes but his blood flows for all.

Faces he will never see and voices never heard to say thank you. He fights for the right of all to be wrong if they choose to be wrong. He fights for the rights of all to be right if they choose to be right. He leaves behind those he loves to protect others he may never know.

We sleep peacefully in our beds because the warrior has vowed to serve. When we leave our homes from day to day we feel safe because our warriors are serving on shores far away. He may be faceless and nameless too but when a warrior falls as so many do,his blood is shed for me and you.

While we celebrate the country of the free,celebrate how that freedom came to be. The price was paid by the flow of RED from Calvary’s Hill to the battlefield.

Pray for those who are willing to give all they have in the service of peace for  all man kind.


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