One Blood

They looked at the trees as their majesty reached toward the sky, the lush green pasture stretched before them as far as the eye could see and the sun glowed brightly as if a great jewel. Yet, something was missing. Creatures large and small roamed freely, birds of all types filled the air with song and the waters teaming with life  flowed quietly reflecting the brilliance of the sunlight. Yet, something was missing.

Everything their eyes feasted on was good, yet; something was still missing. They longed in their heart for completion but there was still work to be done. They knelled in the dust, as their hands begin to move a form took shape resembling who they were. From the first one came one and from the two came many sons and daughters in the likeness of their Creator.

One golden thread of life intertwined through out every generation of all that was created leading back to the one source, it’s CREATOR. What was perfection was hidden by shadows, confusion, and differences. Separations that caused turmoil & pain, injustice & power struggles and greed. Some wanted more while others had none. Some were content with what they had and inclined to share.

Everyone had free choice but not everyone used it wisely. The most important ingredient; love had been replaced by selfishness. Love stands at the ready arms open wide to reclaim any who is willing to come inside. Love will renew the spark given at the beginning and remind us we are all ONE strand woven together in the tapestry of our CREATOR who is LOVE


2 thoughts on “One Blood

  1. Amazed at the talent the God has given out family. So proud to have a monarch of such in my life. Love and stride for us everyday especially for our Creator. Love you Gramms


  2. I’m so honored to have you as my big sister and to be a part in the 💘 that luminates in this family.I’m forever grateful to The Creator.Love you


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