Glory to the name of the Lord,Only you are worthy of Glory and Honor. Your hands hold the worlds in the universe,you speak and life unfolds, and by your power all nature is feed. How great thou art,there is none like you. You are just and holy all the people of the earth benefit from your great love.

It was disobedience that caused the separation from your presence and sin to enter into our world. Thank you for such great love that you did not leave this world without hope. Because you loved us so much you gave the greatest gift in the blood sacrifice of your only son.

Father thank you for this day please send your Holy spirit to lead and guide us,keep our spoken words that we say nothing that dishonors you, speak to our hearts word that uplift and encourage, and remove any unclean thoughts from our minds and fill them with your presence.

Engulf us in the light of your love. We are so grateful that you cared enough to grant us your grace and mercy. You have changed our direction and opened our eyes to  a new life of joy. We are assured of your help in time of turmoil and challenge. You have provide for our weakness and failures, forgiveness is ever present to lift us when we fall and stray away from your safety.

When we are on the mountain top you are there, when we are in the valley you are there; you never leave us alone.You know our wants, needs and desires. You are the first and last answer to all of life’s dilemma. Your Love is all encompassing, it shines through to everyone we encounter when we allow you to lead us through the Holy spirit. We are limited but you are limitless, we are powerless but you are all power and we are all your people connected by your love and grace.

We are your “Special Possessions” you paid a price for our deliverance from the bondage of sin when we were so unworthy of the sacrifice you gave. yet, you still gave. In our humanness how do we express gratitude for such a Great gift? What can we do to show you how thankful we are? and  What do we have we can bring to you as our gift worthy enough to lay at your feet?

Unconditional Love and Total surrender is all we need to give////


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