What If

Ever given any thought to what you would do if you were told you had 1 week to live?. Who would you want to spend your time with? and what would be the most important things to accomplish?. Life has no guarantees one curve ball can derail the train. You would have to step to the challenges ahead; decisions must be made and plans changed. How do you prepare for the unknown when you have no control over the situation or circumstances that surround you.

What will your legacy be? Will you still be able to show love during your dark walk with destiny? Will your faith sustain you or will you “curse God and die?.”  Life will be filled with uncertainty making you realize how limited your control, the only hope you have is found in your connection too the life giver. No matter what hand you have been dealt by life the answer is always found when you give the problem to the problem solver. A gleam of light will always shine through the darkest cloud, the sun will shine between the rain drops and there will always be someone or some memory to make you smile.

Remember no matter how devastating the news may be love is the best cure. No matter how long or short the time you have love is what will be remembered.Celebrate those you love with each opportunity you are given. Love is the golden thread that connects us to the HEART of GOD.


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