A Sabbath Prayer

Thank you Lord, you are my burden bearer. You have restored my joy and my soul cries out Glory to your name. Your love showers me and I am so grateful.Whisper to my heart your tender mercies that I might meditate on your goodness. You have heard the silent desires of my heart and granted those desires. What was lost is now found. I will continue to give you all praise  for the love that you constantly send to me.  All nature sings of your goodness, the rain refreshes the grass with your kiss of renewal, the sun shines it’s rays of love and life springs forth. Your handy work is seen thought out all creation.

You are my provider, healer, strength in weakness; I look to you for my sufficiency.I wait on you and listen for your voice and instruction. Give me to know the task you have set before me that I may give myself to your use. Speak to me through your Holy Spirit,lead me in the path I should go. Search my heart erase all that makes you frown or turn away from me. Speak the word and I shall be made new. Teach me to honor thy laws and be obedient  to thy will. Let me see through your eyes that I may know how to love others as you love them. Keep me in all my ways as it is your will.

Remove  anything that distracts me from hearing your voice when you speak; eliminate any spitefulness, envies, or any malice you find within me and cleanse me thoroughly. Let not my transgressions consume me but forgive them and teach me thy ways. Transform me into thy perfect will for me and be thou my guide in all things.      To be with you is my greatest desire……..AMEN


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