Something to think about

We set aside days of the year to celebrate holidays and those we think have been great contributors to our world. However; God breathes life into our nostrils each day we are above ground, we love him when he answers our prayers by giving us what we ask. Yet, he sacrificed himself to a horrible death so we would know how much he loved us. He covered himself in humanness and enter a world of decay and darkness to show the lost the way to glory. In the beginning we were given two precious gifts, life and choice.

We live as if he doesn’t exist and we choose to honor ourselves. We amass material things to make us happy,we only help those that can return the favor, and look away from those who may truly need.  Our thoughts are consumed with “I” and “me” we live as if nothing else matters that does not begin with “us”.We close our eyes and hearts to others in pain,to their smile less faces  and to their cries for help,forgetting how lost we were needing to be rescued. Torn and tattered by the sharp rocks of life and desperate for saving grace. We have forgotten the unseen love that wrapped us in its arms,lifted us from the mud,washed us off, and gave us joy.

We forget about him until we need or want something we feel we can’t do ourselves. He seeks us daily with out stretched arms, a heart of love, and a desire to be close to us. We should celebrate him daily who gave deliverance and salvation. His name is Jesus; celebrate his life, his death,  his resurrection and his promised return. Let us open our hearts and fully surrender to the love he is so willing to shower upon us. Submit to his will for our lives, accept his gift of the Holy Spirit and plan for eternal life with him. When we allow him to change our character there will be love where hate once lived, where there is injustice equality will reside, peace will calm the storm of confusion and prejudice will see beyond the outer appearance and recognize the HEART///


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